Welcome FCMA Members!

Make sure to check back often, as we will be adding more interactive features to the site!


Using the Website Membership Directory  

    1. Go to www.fcmaweb.com
    2. Click on the “Member Login” button.
    3. Type in username and password provided by FCMA.  If you have lost or forgotten it, contact Amanda Starling in the FCMA office (amanda@fcmaweb.com). 
    4. The Directory is under the “Membership Directory” tab.  It is divided into two sections:  Manufacturers and Partners.  The company listings are in alphabetical order with the individual company contacts listed beneath.  For additional information, click on Company name or individual’s name.  Members may also perform a “quick search” on these pages, to assist in locating a specific company or person.
    5. Advanced Search under the “Membership Directory” tab allows a search of the entire directory by any field (company, contact name, company description, NAICS code, address, phone, zip code, etc).  This feature will also perform a key word search within all company descriptions.
    6. Edit company or individual information in the directory under “My Profile” within the “Membership Directory” tab.  Click on the pencil icon on your profile to change Password or to upload profile pictures.
    7. We recommend visiting from time to time to view progress and features that have been added.
    8. iPhone App - If you have an iPhone, you can download the MemberClicks app from the App Store.   The app allows you to search/browse the Directory, view and edit your profile, and see a list of upcoming events and add them to your calendar all from your phone.   It will also keep you logged in.   Sign in to the app using your same username and password, and the organization ID is fcma.   Currently the app is only available for iPhone, but MemberClicks is working on an Android app.
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